Are Private Equity Commercial Real Estate Partnerships a Good Idea?


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If you are interested in real estate investing but you don’t have the cash available to purchase a commercial property, then private equity commercial real estate partnerships are opportunities that shouldn’t be overlooked. It is common for people to have investment dreams that are bigger than their pocketbooks. A partnership can be a perfect opportunity to help with your long-term financial strategy.

What are Private Equity Commercial Real Estate Partnerships?

Real estate investing can be structured in many ways. Instead of assuming that you need to come up with the financing to buy a property outright, you might look at crowdfunding or partnership options that are available.

This class of commercial investing involves pooled funds from multiple parties. The money is put into one or more properties, with a system in place to oversee the acquisition, financing, and ownership through the pooled vehicle.

Benefits of Pooled Investment Opportunities

Should you invest your money in these pooled investments? Here are some of the benefits that investors can expect when choosing commercial real estate partnerships:

  • Cash Flow: Placing your money into a commercial investment can be a method to generate cash flow in the future. Choose investments that are structured to pay dividends over time. Often, the dividends are distributed monthly, quarterly, or annually.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Whenever you are placing money into an investment opportunity, you need to be sure that a return on investment is available. In most cases, the yields from commercial properties are much higher compared to residential real estate investments.
  • Managing Fee Structures: Various types of investments require the payment of fees, which cuts into your profit margins. Fees can’t be avoided But certain private equity commercial real estate partnerships have found ways to create a sustainable fee structure which supports the maximum profits available for investors. Cutting overhead costs is essential if you want to maximize the returns.
  • Investors are Prioritized: Choosing a private investment opportunity means that there are no shareholders that take priority. Portfolio managers can keep their focus on the ROI for investors instead of worrying about the reports that are sent out to shareholders. Plus, it is common for the real estate managers to receive their compensation through performance, giving them an incentive to ensure that it is a win-win deal for everyone involved.
  • Hard Assets: Once a property is purchased, you own a piece of a tangible asset. There’s no need to worry about shares instantly losing value. These risks are present in the stock market. On the other hand, commercial real estate investing helps to ensure risk-adjusted returns for investors.

There’s no question that many benefits are available for investors who choose into these opportunities. But each situation is unique, which is why it is essential to work with a financial expert to determine the right investment solutions for your situation. For more information about private equity commercial real estate partnerships, talk to our team at First National Realty Partners. We are working hard to offer real estate investment opportunities that are accessible to qualified accredited investors.

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