A World-Class Operating Platform

In-House Teams,

Unmatched Precision

FNRP360™ is an in-house management and operating platform we created that makes First National Realty Partners a truly unique, world class operator of commercial real estate assets.

We combined typically-outsourced functions like accounting, property management, asset management, acquisitions, legal and leasing – brought them in-house, and created an integrated system of rapid information sharing which enables us to execute on our asset management plans with unmatched precision.

Resulting in tremendous value for our investors

Combining our national tenant network with a team of highly-talented leasing, accounting, legal, and asset management professionals provides our investors with enduring value at every stage of the investment lifecycle. You’ll be able to invest with confidence knowing that every deal we find will have been filtered through this philosophy.

FNRP - Anthony Grosso
FNRP - Anthony Grosso

“We made a very calculated decision to bring in the best of the best people in the real estate industry, in their specific disciplines, and then let them build process, procedure, and structure behind them…and that’s what’s going to carry us as we continue to push and add more square footage to the portfolio”

– Anthony Grosso, Co-Founder & Managing Principal

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