A World-Class Operating Platform

One Unified Team, Unmatched Precision

FNRP360™ is an in-house management and operating platform we created that makes First National Realty Partners a truly unique, world-class operator of commercial real estate assets.

We combined typically-outsourced functions like accounting, property management, asset management, acquisitions, legal, and leasing – brought them in-house, and created an integrated system of rapid information sharing which, enables us to execute on our asset management plans with unmatched precision.

How It Works

Rapid Information Sharing

Our in-house team shares information in real-time, enabling us to operate in a very efficient manner. We’re able to execute contracts, acquisitions, and other vital activities in a way that vastly outpaces outsourced teams.

Coordinated Execution

Our in-house teams gain efficiencies of scale as they execute with real-time information from other departments. This enables us to maximize out team's efforts and ensure accurate execution of our team’s efforts.

Holistic Operational Visibility

Rapid information sharing and coordination give our team complete, real-time visibility of our assets that lets us quickly take advantage of opportunities and swiftly resolve operational issues.

Higher Returns, Lower Risk

FNRP360 helps us leverage our market knowledge and relationships to source and execute deals faster and more efficiently than ever before. It helps us optimize the performance and value of each asset by aligning the interests and incentives of all the stakeholders. The result: higher returns, lower risks, and greater transparency for our investors.

Anthony Grosso

Founder and Chairman of FNRP

We’re able to add tremendous and considerable value to our partners, and that’s why we brought it all in-house.

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