Our Investment Thesis

Tenant-Centric Value-Added Investing

A National
Tenant Network

Our tenant relationships define us. Our portfolio consists of some of the fastest-growing, most recognizable national-brand tenants in the world. Our team has worked tirelessly to build deep relationships with real estate executives across countless national brands to create synergies that have helped us become a trusted partner for our tenants.

Creating Unmatched Real Estate Intelligence

We put those relationships to work for the benefit of everyone in every stage of the real estate lifecycle. Our tenants win by finding great locations. Our investors win when we find and secure great deals featuring strong tenants. And the FNRP team wins when we connect the two.

Strategic Acquisition Intelligence

When we understand our tenants' business lifecycles and their strategic goals, this enables us to make incredibly informed decisions about acquisitions. We are also able to add immediate value by leveraging our tenant network to fill vacancies at newly acquired properties with heightened efficiency.

Operational Insights

We value relationships with our tenants so much that we never outsource our leasing to brokers. We’ve built our own in-house leasing team to leverage our tenant network to fill vacancies, oftentimes before the space is available, helping minimize vacancies, improve occupancy, and save on leasing costs.

Asset Management Insights

When we operate our assets with “insider” tenant intel, it positions us to make very well-informed decisions about when to hold or sell an asset.

Resulting In Tremendous Value For Our Investors

Invest with Confidence

Combining our national tenant network with a team of highly talented leasing professionals provides our investors with enduring value at every stage of the investment lifecycle. You’ll be able to invest with confidence, knowing that every deal we find is filtered through and guided by this philosophy.

Chris Palermo

Co-Founder & Managing Principal

Being on the inside and having the relationships and having the insight from the tenant that has been there, that has the experience, it’s the highest point of leverage that you can have.

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