How It Works

Get Started with First National Realty Partners

Easy. Secure. Transparent.

Investing with First National Realty Partners is easy, secure, and transparent. We’ve created a  straightforward process where you can request and execute investment documents and then track and manage the progress of your investments through your own personalized investor portal account.

Step 1

Find a Deal You Love

Review & research our offerings at your convenience. Easily explore our deep, growing portfolio featuring top national brands.

Step 2

Attend a Deal Webinar

Every deal launch features a 1-hour live webinar presented by our investment committee. During the event, we cover every aspect of the deal. Typical topics include financial targets, a review of the asset management plan, a review of the market and demographics, and then at the end, we spend time taking questions from our investors.

Step 3

Collect Your Distributions

After closing, we will distribute cash distributions from the net positive cash flow from the asset.* You’ll also have full access to asset performance reports, lease updates, and other asset-specific information.

With First National Realty Partners, you can invest with confidence and peace of mind.

We value transparency, trust, clarity, security and personal privacy in every transaction. We provide you with clear and accurate information about the properties, the risks and the returns. We protect your personal and financial data with the highest standards of encryption and security and we maintain a close relationship with you throughout the investment cycle, keeping you informed and updated every step of the way.

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