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Get Started with First National Realty Partners

Easy. Secure. Transparent.

Investing with First National Realty Partners is easy, secure, and transparent. We’ve created a  straightforward process where you can request and execute investment documents and then track and manage the progress of your investments through your own personalized investor portal account.

Step 1

Find a Deal You Love

Review & research our offerings at your convenience. Easily explore our deep, growing portfolio featuring top national brands.

Step 2

Attend a Deal Webinar

Every deal launch features a 1-hour live webinar presented by our investment committee. During the event, we cover every aspect of the deal. Typical topics include financial targets, a review of the asset management plan, a review of the market and demographics, and then at the end, we spend time taking questions from our investors.

Step 3

Invest Online

When you’re ready to invest, make an allocation online via our deal room. You’ll complete your investment through an easy-to-follow and 100% secure digital process. Please note that our minimum investment amount is $50,000.

Step 4

Collect Your Quarterly Distribution

Beginning Q1 after closing, we will distribute quarterly cash distributions from the net positive cash flow from the asset.* You’ll also have full access to asset performance reports, lease updates, and other asset-specific information.
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