How It Works

Get Started with First National Realty Partners

Easy. Secure. Transparent.

Investing with First National Realty Partners is easy, secure, and transparent. We’ve created a  straightforward process where you can request and execute investment documents and then track and manage the progress of your investments through your own personalized investor portal account.


Step 1

Find a Deal You Love

Review & research our offerings at your convenience without high-pressure sales tactics. You’ll find NNN grocery-anchored retail assets, as well as other essential needs-anchored properties to choose from. We’re sure you’ll find a deal you’ll love.

Step 2

Attend a Deal Webinar

Once you find a deal you’re interested in, sign-up for a LIVE deal webinar. You’ll hear a 20-30 minute presentation about why we love the deal and then have the opportunity to ask questions directly to our investment committee.

Step 3

Invest Online

When you’re ready to invest, make an allocation online via our deal room. You’ll complete your investment through an easy-to-follow and 100% secure digital process. Please note that our minimum investment amount is $50,000.

Step 4

Collect Your Quarterly Distribution

Beginning Q1 after closing, we will distribute quarterly cash distributions from the net positive cash flow from the asset. You’ll also have full access to asset performance reports, lease updates, and other asset-specific information.

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