commercial real estate investing

FNRP Dragnet Acquisitions Model

High-Volume Sourcing Capabilities

The Dragnet Acquisitions Model is a technology-based approach to “drag” our investment “net” across the country to source a high-volume of investment opportunities. Our proprietary technology, coupled with deep-rooted local relationships based on our track record of performance, provides unmatched sourcing capabilities for commercial real estate investment. The competitive advantage of the FNRP sourcing platform is simple: more opportunities lead to outsized risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

FNRP 360 Approach

A market-leading sourcing team is the first part of the equation, however deep market knowledge is required to appropriately evaluate asset-level risks and opportunities. At FNRP, our vertically integrated team is involved in all aspects of the investment from start to finish. This hands-on approach to ownership includes market leaders in Acquisitions, Underwriting, Debt Capital Markets, Legal, Leasing, Asset Management, Accounting, Property Management, Development and Construction. Our best-in-class team and national operating platform helps mitigate risk while maximizing opportunities for success.

Anthony Grosso

Co-Founder & Managing Principal

“We made a very calculated decision to bring in the best of the best people in the real estate industry, in their specific disciplines, and then let them build process, procedure, and structure behind them…and that’s what’s going to carry us as we continue to push and add more square footage to the portfolio”