Stocks, Bonds, or Commercial Real Estate: Which is the Better Investment?

Commercial Real Estate vs Stocks vs Bonds, Plada Exterior

For a moment, consider the following thought exercise: Assume that an individual has $50,000 in capital that he or she needs to deploy, but this person can only invest in one of the following asset classes: stocks, bonds, or commercial real estate. In order to make such a decision, the investor must consider the relative […]

Real Estate vs Bonds: Which is a Better Investment?

Bonds or Real Estate: Which is a Better Investment?

Each individual investor is unique in the sense that each has his or her own individual return requirements, preferred asset classes, investment objectives (for example, income, capital gains, or both), liquidity needs, risk tolerance, and time horizons. An investor should weigh these individual needs carefully before making an investment choice. Compounding the decision, there is […]