Ken Chapman

Managing Principal

As our Managing Principal, Ken heads the firm’s Investor Relations Division, where he emphasizes transparency and guides our partners in making the best decisions with their investment to secure optimal returns. Ken brings over 15 years of investment banking and leadership experience to our team. 

Before joining FNRP, Ken worked in the private investment space in several capacities, from management to consultation roles. During this time, he guided multiple companies in raising capital for private deals, which led them to achieve significant growth. Throughout this time, Ken also saw the value of truly nurturing investor relationships and found his calling as the source of education and transparency for individual investors. At FNRP, Ken established protocols to facilitate high-level responsiveness to investor inquiries and enhance the investor’s journey through informative communications and an emphasis on forming direct, trustful relationships.

Ken has led FNRP to partner with over 1,200 investors, many of whom are repeat investors and referrals, and secure more than $750M worth in assets. 

Ken studied real estate financial modeling at Cornell University. In his free time, Ken enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

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