Opportunity Fund Terms and Conditions

  1. Purchase of Additional Shares. For each distribution payable to Investor, Investor agrees to purchase additional Shares for the price for which Shares are then being offered by the Company.
  2. Opt-Out by Investor. By giving the Company at least thirty (30) calendar days’ notice
    (via email), An investor may (i) elect out of reinvesting distributions altogether, (ii) elect to have less than all of future distributions reinvested, or (iii) skip one or more distributions.
  3. Opt-Out by Company. The Company may terminate the reinvestment of Investor’s
    distributions at any time.
  4. Terms and Conditions. The investor agrees that with each reinvested dividend herein being invested into the Opportunity Fund, that Investor shall be deemed to have made each of the promises set forth in section 6 of the Investment Agreement for the Opportunity Fund onthe date of the reinvestment. The Company may impose any other requirements it may determine including, for example, requirements concerning Invetor’s status as an accredited investor.
  5. Tax Treatment. For all purposes, including but not limited to tax purposes, the Company an Investor shall treat each reinvested distribution as if the Company had made a distribution to Investor and Investor had then used the proceeds of the distribution to acquire Shares.
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