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How It Works

Source Exceptional Properties

FNRP sources and secures exceptional properties using our proprietary Dragnet Acquisitions Model.

Secure High-Value Tenants

We leverage our vast network of national brand tenants to sign/extend long-term leases, immediately creating value for our investors.

Partner With Accredited Investors

We then give you, the investor, the opportunity to partner with us on the transaction as an equity investor.

Install Asset Management Program*

We install our proprietary FNRP360(TM) asset management process, fix any underlying issues, and begin distributing net proceeds to our investor partners on a quarterly basis.

Provide Seamless Exit

Once key objectives are met, we provide a seamless exit, returning capital plus upside to investors.

*An investment in commercial real estate is speculative and subject to risk, including the risk that all of your investment may be lost. Any representations concerning investing in commercial real estate; to include representations as to stability, safety, diversification, security, resistance to inflation and any other representations as to the merits of investing in commercial real estate reflect our belief concerning the representations and may or may not come to be realized. Securities are only available to verified accredited investors who can bear the risk of losing their investment. Cash distributions are not guaranteed.

Sometimes Who You Invest With Matters More than What You Invest In

Our mission is to provide everyday accredited investors with access to institutional-quality deals that generate exceptional, risk-adjusted returns.


Assets Under Management


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Total Investor Distributions
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11.5M+ SF

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All amounts are as of 3/31/2023.
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