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Our National Brand Tenants

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our investors have to say…

“I do plan to make future investments with FNRP because I trust the company, I trust their process, because of it’s stability, because of the returns they provide. “

If anybody wants to invest in real estate, all the work is done for you. All you have to do is just invest money and FNRP does the rest.

I would say this is the best business model out there right now. So why would anyone not want to invest with a stable investment with a nationally recognized company?

Vasco Gurch, FNRP Investor

“Personally, it has given this potential where I might be able to retire sooner. Up to, like, ten years sooner. That’s really amazing.”

With FNRP, you have a lot more transparency. There’s a lot more detail around a specific property that you’re investing in. I would recommend FNRP to anyone who’s invested, primarily in equisities, and is looking for a passive income stream.
Avi Sujeeth, FNRP Investor

“There was never a feeling that I was being ‘sold to’, and that was very attractive to me.”

There are larger platforms out there than can make any investor feel that they are just a number, … but at FNRP…there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t feel confident that I can get in contact with anyone in the company.
Dennis Carpenter, FNRP Investor

“Alot of companies take investment money, but not too many in this space allow you to do the 1031 exchange. That’s what makes it very appealing.”

Partnering with FNRP was a good decision for me because I found a 1031 exchange vehicle, I found a company that was seasoned, and knew what they’re doing, a company that would do the work and give you a return.
Abba Kader, FNRP Investor

“They make me comfortable and know who I am and they’re always open and willing to answer any questions I have to make me more comfortable.”

I don’t bring anybody into something that I’m not comfortable with. I brought in two other investors. I would not have done that if I wasn’t comfortable with investing with FNRP.
Stephen Oppler, FNRP Investor


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“It’s just such a sure thing. Partnering with FNRP has been one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I’m looking forward to our next project.”

I just love the transparency that FNRP has. They’ll take a property that might be 70% leased out, and by the time they close, they’ve got deals in hand that have 98% of the project already leased.
Al Conard, FNRP Investor

“They started paying a distribution on both shopping centers that I invested in within the first quarter which was a bit of a surprise to be perfectly honest.”

Now, the most beneficial aspects was getting to know the team. And getting to know FNRP’s approach and how they source opportunities, how they look at ‘em. They were clear. They were concise. And really gave you a good overview of that particular deal.
John Godi, FNRP Investor

“The biggest benefit of working with FNRP is their credibility. The way the come off in each of the webinars. They’re very transparent. They’re outstanding on follow-up.”

I’ve attended 14 deal webinars with FNRP. I think that really helps the novice investor as well as experienced investors. It’s well conducted. It stays withing the timeline. It’s 30 minutes of presentation and they allow for 30-35 minutes of Q&A which is great.
Dennis Dienno, FNRP Investor

“No pressure, just information, and heres the deal. And if you can’t make this one, there will be another deal in a month or two.”

The biggest benefit of working with FNRP is their experience and track record. They’ve got quite a history of past projects, current projects. The team is growing and the acquisitions seem pretty attractive. I would recommend FNRP to anybody looking to invest in a private real estate deal.
Dan Arsenault, FNRP Investor

“The testimonials provided herein are from FNRP investors. Prospective investors are cautioned as to any inherent conflict of interest which may exist between the investors and FNRP as a result of this relationship. Further, their representations provided may not be representative of the experience of other investors. Any testimonials provided are no guarantee of future success.”