Investing in Triple Net Lease Properties: A Guide by FNRP

By definition, commercial properties contain tenants who are contractually required to pay a certain amount of rent each month.  The structure of these contracts, known as leases, can vary widely from one property to another and can have a significant impact on the profitability and desirability of the property. In this article, we will discuss […]

What Is A Triple Net Lease? What Are Its Advantages?

Why Is The Triple Net Lease So Popular?

For investors looking to gain exposure to the commercial real estate asset class, there are a wide variety of options to meet each individual risk tolerance and time horizon.  For example, an investor who prefers short term, highly liquid opportunities may prefer the publicly traded securities of a Real Estate Investment Trust.  Or, on the […]

Understanding Triple Net Leases

Understanding Triple Net Leases

 One thing that nearly all commercial real estate (CRE) properties have in common is tenants with lease agreements.  The details of the lease, such as the type of lease, rental rate and lease term, can vary significantly from one property to another and can have a material impact on the price and risk associated with […]

What You Should Know About Triple-Net Leases

No matter the asset class or property type, the one thing that all commercial real estate assets have in common is tenants with commercial leases.  But, all leases are not equal.  Depending on the property, the tenant, and the wishes of the owner, there are a number of different lease structures that can be utilized […]

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