Using a Tenants in Common (TIC) Structure for a 1031 Exchange

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Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code allows commercial real estate investors to defer capital gains taxes on the profitable sale of an investment property as long as the proceeds are “exchanged” into another property that is “like kind.” In order to realize the benefits of the 1031 Exchange, the value of the replacement property […]

Four Benefits of Investing in a Delaware Statutory Trust

Four Benefits of Investing in a Delaware Statutory Trust

A Delaware Statutory Trust is a specialized type of commercial real estate investment entity that is set up for the purpose of conducting business. Such entities are formed using a private trust agreement under which real property is held, managed, invested, administered, and/or operated for the purpose of profit. In most cases, DSTs are set […]

What is a Delaware Statutory Trust?

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When commercial real estate investors sell an investment property for a gain, they are required to pay taxes. And when the gain is big enough, the tax bill can be significant. For this reason, many investors actively seek out strategies to defer capital gains taxes. The most common strategies are a 1031 Exchange or a […]

What is an Opportunity Zone and Why Should You Invest?

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Commercial real estate investors are always happy to make a profit on a deal. But that profit can also come with a big tax bill. Traditionally, savvy real estate investors have used tax deferral strategies like the 1031 Exchange to shield profits and allow their portfolios to grow tax-deferred. While this is a very effective […]