What is a Schedule K-1 Form & How Is It Used for Taxes?

Understanding How the Schedule K-1 Tax Form is Used in Private Real Estate

Private equity real estate transactions are unique for a variety of reasons, one of which is the tax advantages that they offer.  To understand the advantages and how they impact individual investors, it is first necessary to understand how the transaction is structured and why this methodology is used. FNRP focuses on investing in market-dominant, […]

The Top 8 Tax Benefits for Your Commercial Real Estate Investments

The Top 8 Tax Benefits for Your Commercial Real Estate Investments

The majority of commercial real estate investment (“CRE”) returns come from two sources: income, which is produced from a property’s rental payments, and capital gains, which occur when an investor is able to sell a property for a price that is higher than what they paid.  But, there is also a third source that, when […]

Understanding the Tax Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Investing

Commercial Real Estate Tax Benefits, Man Holding a Newspaper's Business Section

Much is known about the most commonly cited benefits of purchasing commercial real estate (“CRE”) investment property – price appreciation, passive income/cash flow, portfolio diversification, hedge against inflation – but, there are major tax benefits to investing in commercial property. Under current income tax laws, there are two major tax benefits available to commercial real […]