What is a Schedule K-1 Form & How Is It Used for Taxes?

The typical private equity real estate transaction is structured as a Limited Liability Corporation or “LLC” (as opposed to an S-Corporation), which is thought of as a “pass through entity” for tax purposes.  Although the entity is technically a corporation, one of the benefits of the LLC is that it is taxed as a partnership, […]

The Top 8 Tax Benefits for Your Commercial Real Estate Investments

The Top 8 Tax Benefits for Your Commercial Real Estate Investments

The majority of commercial real estate investment (“CRE”) returns come from two sources: income, which is produced from a property’s rental payments, and capital gains, which occur when an investor is able to sell a property for a price that is higher than what they paid.  But, there is also a third source that, when […]

Understanding the Tax Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Investing

Commercial Real Estate Tax Benefits, Man Holding a Newspaper's Business Section

Much is known about the most commonly cited benefits of purchasing commercial real estate (“CRE”) investment property – price appreciation, passive income/cash flow, portfolio diversification, hedge against inflation – but, there are major tax benefits to investing in commercial property. Under current income tax laws, there are two major tax benefits available to commercial real […]

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